BBC Radio 1

Summer Mix Campaign

Lightbox & Mobile ShapeShifter


With music being an important part of the British summer, I was tasked with creating desktop and mobile programmatic rich media for the BBC Radio 1’s soundtrack to the summer.

The objective was to promote the live summer
mixes from Radio 1 DJs, Grimmy, Greg and Dev,
and direct users to the site to listen live or download the playlists.

Each creative was distributed leading up to and during the time each Radio 1 DJs live mix
was aired.

Open Windows

Desktop Lightbox

Open Windows

Mobile ShapeShifter

I incorporated the concept of the television ad, which was in production at the time, of music coming from windows and being outside, making most of the typical British summer. This resulted in visualising the summer rituals, such as hanging out at the local pub, treating yourself to an icecream or enjoying a picnic in the park, on one street.

Windows were animated to open and close, while listen hotspots pulsed to encourage the user to interact, opening a pop-up box promoting each DJs Summer Mix.

Design & build (software: Rockabox toolkit)